When Springtime is Still Freezing

The spring season is just around the corner! Wardrobes will feature more pops of bright colors, April showers will be bringing May flowers and Daylight Savings Time will force the sun to go down at 8 o’clock.


Don’t get excited just yet though. For New York and other states that are notorious for experiencing 6-8 months of cold/snow, springtime isn’t expected to officially arrive weather-wise until late April going into May. However, there’s a plethora of great activities to do in New York during the “springtime” that won’t leave you freezing to death.


Don’t forget, the month of March is the time to buy your NYC pass for attractions and tours in the city!


The spring time is the best time for concerts at Madison Square Garden, Radio City and Barclays Center to name a few. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone concert kicks off March 31st along with Green Day on March 15th. Check out the full list of upcoming Radio City Music Hall shows here:


Now that football season is over until September, basketball no longer has to share tube time with viewers for sports entertainment. Don’t forget about hockey either! The Madison Square Garden is a fantastic Spring entertainment spot for sports lovers living in NYC. Take a look at the NY Knicks and Brooklyn Nets schedule this season:




Another great adventure to dive into, or rather take flight with, are private helicopter tours. The scenic route from above is actually a popular avenue for things to do in the city that never sleeps. Your WingsAir private helicopter will whisk you from Westchester Airport to Manhattan and back at sunset, day or night. Get ready for Spring, even if that still means bundling up.