Are Rooftop Gardens a NYC Must See?

When we think of a garden, gorgeous ones at that, we envision rows of the most beautiful flowers and unique plants in greenhouses or big wide open spaces in the country. But not all gardens have a home in grass. Some roots’ homes are made of stone or wood.


Rooftop gardens are slowly becoming a fantastic trend that allow gardeners living in the big city to let their creative juices flow. Vibrant green shrubbery peeking out from a New York apartment or loft ledge is quite a gorgeous scene to take in believe it or not. For those that are into scenery, taking in the view of a rooftop garden is a must if you don’t have one of your own.


Since New York is known as the concrete jungle, it’s quite fascinating to see rather large and colorful gardens housed on top of well…concrete. The combination of greenery and intricate and aligned masonry gives off the modern and millennial vibe with a mix of country living.


The trend of rooftop gardens is popping up all over the United States and some of the best photo opportunities for dazzling scenery just might be found on a roof!