Hamilton: How to Score Tickets to the Most American 3 Hours of Your Life

New York City served as the country’s capital from 1785 to 1790 and has been the largest city in the United States ever since. Hamilton brings us back to this historical time, beginning in the summer of 1776 when our founding fathers began to build this country! Hamilton is a must-see musical for NYC residents and visitors alike.


Follow Alexander Hamilton from his early life as an orphan through his powerful presence in the revolution and his life as a political visionary. This Broadway masterpiece is so captivating, it is currently the hottest ticket on the streets of NYC! After winning 16 Tony nominations, finding a ticket is tougher than ever, but with some patience and a generous amount of cash, it can be done!


Hamilton is playing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. According to their website, their venue no longer offers any face-value tickets, but it does provide a link where you can purchase verified resale tickets through a box office run by Ticketmaster. Just brace yourself for the resale prices, which can cost thousands (yes, thousands) more than the originals.


Unofficial resellers like StubHub and SeatGeek.com may run you a little less if you’re willing to take a risk. These sites often drop their ticket prices way down as show times approach. If you can make the online sale and find your way across town in enough time, you could find yourself with quite the bargain.


Feeling lucky? The website, Hamiltonbroadway.com runs a ticket lottery for every show. For only $10 you could end up in a front-row seat! Whichever way you get in the door, don’t miss this one – you will see for yourself exactly why Broadway is still alive, evolving, and thriving today!