Helicopter Trivia! Do You Know These Facts About Helicopters?

Q: Who invented the first functional, single rotor helicopter?

A: The very first helicopter, the VS-300, took flight for the first time on September 14, 1939 in Stratford, Connecticut. It was designed by Igor Sikorsky and built by the Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Division of the United Aircraft Corporation.


Q: Which model was the world’s first mass produced helicopter?

A: The R-4 in 1942, which was also designed by Igor Sikorsky.


Q: How high can a helicopter fly?

A: Some turbo-powered helicopters can fly as high as 25,000 feet, but on average these aircrafts usually fly at around 12-15,000ft. However, the highest altitude ever recorded was 40,820ft in 1972.


Q: What is the highest altitude a helicopter has ever landed?

A: The Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel, piloted by Didier Delsalle in 2005, landed on the summit of Mount Everest at 29,035ft. To date, he is the only person to land on the peak of Mount Everest and also holds the record for highest take-off from this point.


Q: What is the world’s largest helicopter?

A: The Mi-26, better known as the “Halo,” designed and produced by Russian Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, first debuted in 1981 at the Paris Air Show. The interiors have enough room to accommodate 80 combat-equipped troops or 60 stretchers. Wow!


Q: What is the quickest, most exciting way to travel to your favorite luxury New York area destinations?

A: Aboard a Wings Air helicopter, of course!