What Do You Know About Helicopters?

The average person may never even consider what it’s like to learn to fly helicopters or even ride in one, but more and more these amazing machines are becoming available for travel or profession in today’s world. What do you know about these complicated aircraft?


They Offer a Unique Perspective

Many of us have experienced an airplane ride, and most have taken a window seat or at least leaned over to take a look at the world from high above it. However, when flying in a helicopter, the perspective is much different. In an airplane, the world seems stable and flat, but inside a helicopter you are flying much closer to the earth and in a much smaller vessel. The views of mountains, valleys, and buildings will still feel very real, while offering a completely new experience.


Flying Takes Special Skills and Knowledge

A helicopter is essentially a flying metal dome powered by spinning swords, hovering above the earth. A skilled helicopter pilot knows that even the slightest change in wind, weight, or weather can be catastrophic to any flight. A helicopter’s own blades are actually capable of slicing the tail end off. While this is unlikely, it can and has happened. One of these amazing machines can also stay in the air even if the engine ceases using autorotation, which basically keeps the blades spinning using no outside power. Pretty cool stuff.


Landing Rules – The Sky’s the Limit – Almost

Since helicopters can land in such tight places and the necessity to do this can occur much more often than it would for an airplane, the rules are rather lenient when it comes to landing laws. In fact, helicopters often make quick landings in parking lots or small fields. If the area is large enough for the rotor blades, it is large enough to land.