Are Tourist Helicopter Tours Safe?

The fear of flying is not uncommon, but often people are misinformed about safety and the risks associated with airplane or helicopter rides. Many try to compare driving risks to flying, but these forms of travel are not comparable at all. Helicopter charters are a popular tourist attraction in many locations, and they are probably safer than you think.


Just as you should research any company and vacation excursion, take time to investigate the helicopter charters that are available. A credible company will have pilots who have undergone hundreds of hours of helicopter training and whom have years of experience in the field. Wings Air Helicopters not only offers tours, they provide flight training at their own facility, so you can be confident their pilots are fully trained.


Helicopter tours do take place in crowded air spaces because they are often in high-traffic tourist locations. For this reason, choosing a company that is reputable and well-established in the area is a must. The helicopters themselves should be well kept and maintained properly. What if the engine fails? If you are afraid a helicopter will drop like a rock out of the sky, this is not the case. These machines have safety mechanisms in place which allow a trained pilot to still land properly even if the engine fails or malfunctions.


While there are risks to every adventure in life, a helicopter tour flown by an experienced flight company is safe, exciting, and often a once in a lifetime event!