Do Luxury Travel Right with These Tips

Experience is the heart of luxury travel. It is not just about the destination, or the hotel, or even the adventure. It is about the entire experience from start to finish which makes the trip perfect. A bad room at a hotel or a terrible drive can ruin your whole trip. Here are some tips on how to make the best of it:


How You Arrive is Important

Consider this: You have a week-long vacation scheduled, but suddenly your flight is delayed until the next day and you end up losing a full day. Even worse, you arrive at your destination only to find out the airline lost your luggage. Maybe you decide to drive, but end up hitting hours of traffic, get into an accident, or miss your check-in. This will cost you time and money while successfully ruining your trip before it even starts. Helicopter charters are a perfect way to avoid all of this and arrive in style!


Stay 5-Star Central and Save

Staying in a central location rather than the “popular” area will give you more bang for your buck. The less touristy the better – which also means less crowds, noise, and cheaper local spots like restaurants and stores, as well as your hotel. If you can find one with a helipad, you can take an air taxi straight to your hotel!


Do Your Research

Being informed and prepared is the number one way to ensure you have the best trip possible. The internet is full of resources including reviews, hotel information, and fun adventure ideas. Take advantage.