Create Your Own Getaway

There are plenty of well-known vacation spots where you are sure to have a great time, but once in a while, it is exciting to set out on your own to enjoy a personal dream getaway.


Whether you love the beach, mountains, or city atmosphere, the Northeast is chuck full of amazing locations to visit. Wings Air Helicopters can help create your perfect getaway and fly you there quickly and safely so you can begin your own special vacation! Our helicopter charters can take you to destinations all over the Northeast from Washington DC to Vermont and even Canada! While it is helpful to book your trips in advance, we can usually have an NYC helicopter ready for you in just a few days and, in some cases, we are able to fulfill same day requests! Never miss a moment again flying with Wings Air!


Pack light and take flight to a destination of your own choosing. Head to the beach for a weekend getaway or take one of our New York helicopters out of the city for an extended mountain vacation. Whichever trip you choose, you can be sure that an air charter from Wings Air will get you there without a hitch! Plan your own dream vacation and let one of our helicopter charters deliver you straight to your desired location without traffic, long lines at the airport, or a cramped trip on a train. This is your time to make your dream getaway a reality.