The Hamptons Await, Arrive in Style!

Every summer season, the East end of Long Island comes alive as affluent New York City natives and outsiders alike flock to the Hamptons to enjoy the sprawling beaches, upscale shopping, and lavish nightlife. Why put a damper on your trip by spending hours in traffic? Take an NYC helicopter instead and enjoy a comfortable, quick trip while enjoying breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.


There is no lack of swanky crowds and posh gatherings in the Hamptons, generally ruled by a prosperous population of Manhattan socialites. Those in the know hop on a helicopter charter to bypass the congested highways to arrive on time and in style. At the Hamptons, you will be surrounded by abundance and luxury. Why not treat yourself to a New York helicopter ride that will make a lasting first impression on your peers. Without delay, you can be arriving for a weekend of soft sand beaches and relaxation. Taking a helicopter to the Hamptons will jumpstart your vacation with a stress-free flight straight to the party.


Wings Air helicopters are fueled up and waiting to fly you to the Hamptons quickly, safely, and in style. We can even help you plan a perfect beach picnic upon your arrival, or zip you straight over to high-end shopping and five-star food. Life in the Hamptons is luxurious and exciting, why not plan an arrival to match? An NYC helicopter is waiting for you to embark on your next spectacular journey.