Winter NYC Helicopter Charters to Vermont

Contrary to popular belief, most helicopter operators don’t shy away from flying in the winter months. Unless it’s sub-freezing temperatures outside or extremely bad weather, flying over frozen landscapes is a rare treat. Vermont is especially popular during the winter because of its breathtaking scenery and lavish entertainment options. Here are a few reasons why you should take a helicopter ride to Vermont this winter:


Snow Sports
If you are into snowboarding, skiing, or snowmobiling, Vermont is the perfect winter location for you. This state is the home of skiing. In fact, the industry got its start on the steep Vermont slopes. The Green Mountains feature 17 ski resorts, so you are bound to find the perfect ride for your unique style.


Even if you are not interested in snow sports, Vermont is a beautiful place to spend a vacation with your loved ones. For those who do enjoy skiing or snowboarding, there are plenty of ways to wind down. Vermont is a romantic place and is full of quaint inns and cozy dinner spots. The weather is cold, but it is not bitterly freezing; dress in layers and you will feel perfectly content.


Aside from the sports and the atmosphere, Vermont is a popular location because of its gorgeous sights. The state features countless mountains draped in soft, bright snow. There is no better way to observe these sights than by looking out the window of a helicopter. Seeing Vermont mountains or their snowy towns from a helicopter is similar to viewing a beautiful painting—the difference is that you get to land there. The best part: you can get from Midtown Manhattan to most Vermont ski resorts in only 1.5-2 hours by helicopter!


If you’re thinking about chartering a helicopter from NYC to Vermont this winter, please contact a Wings Air flight specialist toll-free at (866) 445-5434 or click here for more information.