Helicopter History

Last month, we kicked off our first edition of “Helicopter History”, where we share some fascinating facts about helicopters that we’ve learned over the years.  This month, we’re excited to do the same!  Read on to find out the history of the “air ambulance” and how this concept has transformed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as we know them today.


Did You Know That…


  • During the First World War, air ambulances were being tested by military organizations.  Due to the limited capabilities offered, the testing was received with mixed reviews.  Testing and measurement continued on this innovation and by 1936, an organized military air ambulance service began evacuating the wounded from the Spanish Civil War to Nazi Germany for medical attention.
  • During the early post World War 2 years, Switzerland saw a building interest in winter sports.  Due to the difficulties of mountain rescues prior, the use of air ambulances filled a great need to land as closely as possible to the injured victims so that rapid treatment could be applied prior to landing.
  • The first (documented) medevac by helicopter occurred during the Second World War on April 25-26 1944, by a US Army Air Forces aircraft.
  • The first documented use of helicopters by U.S. forces happened during the Korean War (from 1950-1953).


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