Wings Air: Your Destination, Your Way

One of our top resolutions this New Year is to travel more and see more of the world. However, it can be pretty tough with airline regulations, baggage fees, cramped seating…all that and everything else that travelers experience on a daily basis. Not to mention the flight delays and cancellations that happen too often to count. We don’t think traveling should be like that. If there were a better way to travel, you’d want to travel more, right? We agree. So, here’s our solution. If you want to travel more and enjoy traveling, consider using our professional helicopter charter service. We own and operate a fleet of state-of-the art helicopters to take you to your destination in comfort and style, every day.


At Wings Air, we’re taking the worry and the delay out of your flying experience. Our helicopter charters are a fast, easy and affordable way to see the world on your own schedule. Leave stress behind and arrive at your destination on time and style in New York, the Hamptons, Atlantic City and beyond.


We’ll help bring excitement back into traveling this New Year! Helicopter charters are an exciting way to travel with so many added benefits, you’ll be jetting off in one of our choppers as often as you can! No more long lines or delays and your travel time will be greatly reduced. Cheers to that. Talk to a helicopter charter specialist today and travel to your destination, your way.